Jack’s Eggs

Pastured, GMO-free eggs from Jack’s day ranging flock.

When he was 9, Jack took over the egg business. Well actually, he was given the business in an effort to help teach all kinds of useful life skills. 2022 is 6 years later and the egg business is booming. In 2020 Jack and Brent built the new egg cabin, a bottomless house that holds feeders, waterers, nest boxes and roost bars.  The house is opened every morning and closed every evening.  The laying chickens roam inside the protection of the electric fence and shelter from sun and rain in the egg cabin. 

Twice weekly the whole house is moved to fresh pasture. The movement brings the birds to the quickly growing grasses, weeds and accompaniments of grubs and grasshoppers. Where the egg cabin is moved from the chickens leave behind valuable manure, which fertilizes the grasses that will be grazed after a period of rest. 

Eggs are hand gathered daily, washed if necessary and packaged for sale.  

You can find Jack’s eggs on the shelves of The Well in Bedford, Virginia, on the LEAP West End market on Tuesdays, on the farm, and through the Edible Goose Creek Egg CSA share here.